Come and protect the rainforest with us! Adopt rainforest is an initiative of NGO Work with Nature. For every €2,50 we are able to buy one square meter of tropical rainforest in Costa Rica, and guarantee prolonged protection. These are our main goals:

  • Prolonged protection of the tropical rainforest.
  • Improving the standards of living of the local community.
  • Raise awareness among the local community and international visitors.
  • Prove the real value of tropical rainforests by conducting research.

Work with Nature will set up an ongoing research project in the protected area, in cooperation with international universities. To support this work, a sustainable project for international volunteers is initiated. All these activities generate job opportunities for the local community. 

The alternative: failing to protect the rainforest will sadly result in total disappearance of all rain forest in the project area within 10 years. The imminent threats are logging, banana plantations and palm plantations. So don't wait any longer and adopt rainforest.

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