m2 rainforest protected.
Adopt now!

Adopt as a business

With each donation of € 2,50 we can purchase 1m2 of Costa Rican rainforest and guarantee many years of protection.

If you are looking for a durable business or christmas gift for relations or employees? With only EUR. 2,50 per m2 you can give them a piece of rainforest!

Business gift

The most original and durable gift for your employees and relations. We can make a personal certificate for each recipient and we are open to discuss any tailor made options.

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Adopt your own piece of rainforest!

As token of our appreciation, we will send you an electronic certificate within a week, which includes your name and the amount of square meters that you are helping to protect.

Let your rainforest keep on growing by adopting periodically! If you do so, you can choose one of many great gifts!